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  • Why is product pricing not listed?
    Our delivery partners shop and purchase your groceries at market price and a receipt will be provided. There is NO markup from the store price to your grocery receipt. The only markup is the service fee which is shown on the Locations & Pricing page.
  • Will my groceries be in my residence when I arrive?
    We aim to deliver before your arrival, but in busy weeks, cleaning and inspection may delay access to the unit. You'll typically receive your order by 5 pm. *If placing an order within 48 hours please call ahead to make sure we have availability.
  • Will you put the food away in case we are delayed in our arrival?
    Yes. We always put freezer and refrigerated items away. At checkout you can choose to have your groceries stored or left on the kitchen counter to put away as you wish.
  • Can I request specific grocery products not listed in your online store?
    Yes! When using the online store, simply include your specific grocery requests in the "Notes" section. We will make every effort to accommodate your requests.
  • When will I be billed?
    A $20 authorization is taken at the time your order is placed. Upon completion of your delivery, and within 24 to 48 hours, we will make any necessary adjustments to your final bill including your deposit, create and forward a copy of your final invoice and bill the card you made your deposit on, for the final balance due. Should you need to adjust your card information at any time, please contact us at
  • Will I be charged if I decide to cancel my order?
    Orders may be cancelled with no charge if done so by 9 am MST at least 2 days prior to arrival.
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